Portable CSD350B Spectrometer

CSD350B spectrometer is designed and made by Ruipu Remote Sensing (www.njruipu.com) in Nanjing, China. CSD350B is a field portable instrument with wavelength coverage continuously from 350 nm to 2500 nm, suitable for mapping hydrothermal alteration in the field, identifying / monitoring mineralogy of ores of mining operation or processing plant, and ground truthing / field calibration for remote sensing data, as well as laboratory measurements of organic / inorganic materials for various purposes.

Collecting spectrum through mobile phone

Portable CSD350B spectrometer
CSD350B measuring spectra of rock specimen

CSD350B is also suitable for applications in relation to sensing / monitoring soil, water, and vegetation.

Apart from conventional features, a wireless functionality for instrument control and data transmission is built in CSD350B. Also enabled is an option to operate the spectrometer through a mobile phone and link the photo of a measured object to its spectrum.

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