With expertise in hyperspectral application…

HYKS provides hyperspectral services

Characterising and mapping hydrothermal alteration

With expertise in data processing tailored to the specific geological context, HYKS can derive mineralogical information from clients’ raw hyperspectral data with highest accuracy to map the spatial distribution of hydrothermal alteration minerals in drill-holes and/or outcrops.

For mineralogical information derived from hyperspectral data, we can also provide geological interpretations on hydrothermal processes and physio-chemical conditions of a related mineralisation system to assist in exploration.

If needed, HYKS can also participate in planning for hyperspectral data acquisition and sample selection.

Hyperspectral mapping of outcrops revealed surface expression (probably of exploration significance in the region) of a deep sited W-Cu mineral system (skarn-greisen alteration) in SE China (data processed and interpreted by Dr Kai Yang).

Hyperspectral logging of drill-core to map alteration zoning around Au mineralisation. Previously unknown dickite zone in and proximal to mineralisation was recognised in the prospect, NW China (data processed by Kai Yang).

Quantitative mineralogy from hyperspectral data for geometallurgy

With spectroscopy as the mineralogical sampling tool, it becomes viable, in terms of cost and time involved, to acquire a high-density dataset to capture the detail of mineralogical changes of an entire mineral system. Enabled by adequate technique, powerful computer software and practical experience, HYKS is specialized in processing large datasets to quantitative abundances of targeted gangue minerals of significance in ore processing and metallurgy, for use in building 3D models of gangue mineralogy for mine planning and metallurgical design.

Clay minerals, for instance, are of particular concern in ore processing. As infrared radiation is very sensitive to vibrations of O-H bonding in layer silicates, the hyperspectral technique is best suitable to characterising clay minerals for geometallurgical purposes.

Calibrating hyperspectral data to build quantitative model for predicting mineral abundance in wt%.

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