Current version TSG8

The Spectral Geologist

The Spectral Geologist (TSG) is a computer software package developed by CSIRO Australia for processing hyperspectral data of rocks to mineralogical information. This software package is widely used for geological applications by geologists in the mining industry, as well as scientists in research institutes & government surveys and acidemias in universities.

Stacked spectra in TSG with individual sample spectrum and corresponding photo shown on the right.

Minerals identified by The Spectral Assistant algorithm in TSG.

TSG is designed for processing reflectance spectral data in all or part of the visible, near infrared, short-wave infrared and long-wave infrared wavelength regions. The software is suitable for data acquired with commonly used spectrometers such as ASD and HyLogger. Apart from conventional spectral data processing techniques (e.g. background removal, derivatives calculation, band math, noise reduction, etc), a functionality of automated mineral identification in reference to an internal spectral library of mineral standards is also built in the software to assist in data processing for users of various levels of proficiency.

TSG is also enabled with modelling capability by processing spectral data of a selected representative subset of samples in reference to other analytical data and identify quantitative correlations between the spectral data and laboratory analyzed parameters of the same samples. This modelling function provides a meanings of calibrating hyperspectral data to weight percentage of an individual mineral, so that the calibration model can be used for predicting the abundance of a mineral from hyperspectral data for samples without laboratory mineral analyses. This approach enables an practical way of producing quantitative mineralogical data for a very large number of samples (e.g. drill-holes of an entire deposit) from hyperspectral data acquired from a rapid and very low cost procedure.

kaolin wt% derived from hyperspectral proxies and checked by XRF data.

HYKS provides training on spectral data processing and use of TSG. Training can be arranged as workshop for a group of attendees or on a one-to-one basis.

Hyperspectral Application Workshop organised by Kai Yang in Nanjing China, 2019.

TSG8 with premium time from one month, one year to three years can be purchased via HYKS’ link below (‘Purchase TSG8’). Also there is a free version, TSG Base, which is used only to view existing TSG files (e.g. already created by someone).

CSIRO offers a discount price to university acidemias and students. Should your situation falls into this category, please email us to the address below your details (name, position, university) and after approval we will send you a discount code for purchase.

For enquiry about TSG, please contact us by email to txq389@hotmail.com.